Brian Poole & Trems were the first band and also the last band to appear on Ready Steady Go.


Gold discs in the 60’s were for over 1.000.000 copies sold. That’s quite a few million overall for the lads.


BrianPooleFirst 60’s band to tour Australia and Ireland paving the way.


Brian Poole’s glasses were the real thing, as they are now. Sometimes this fact has been mixed up with the great late Freddie Garrity from Freddie & the Dreamers who wore lens less frames.


Left handed Dave Munden, plays a right handed kit left handed.


Alan Blakley’s daughters are famous actress Claudee Blakley and singer Kirsten Blakley.


Brian Poole’s daughters were Alisha’s Attic. Both Karen & Shelly are now successful songwriters.


Chip Hawkes’ son is Chesney Hawkes, the successful singer songwriter and actor who had a No. 1 record with ‘The One and Only’ and is also the dare devil high diver from the TV reality show, The Games.


Ricky West plays banjo, steel guitar, country violin amongst other instruments, and has appeared on many records as a session musician.


Dave Munden has been a full time musician for more than 45 years with the Tremeloes.


Over 40 years since Brian Poole, Dave Munden, Rick West and Chip Hawkes toured together.


Brian Poole & Trems are all still all married to their wives for 40-50 years, not bad going eh.


Jim Marshall – Brian Poole & The Tremeloes were one of the first customers at Marshall Amps.


Dave Munden sung on various hits over the years.


Brian Poole’s son-in-law Ally McErlaine, lead guitarist with the chart topping band Texas.


Brian Poole, Dave Munden and Alan Blakley appeared as backing vocals on one of the first package shows with Gary US Bonds and Clyde McPhatter.


Brian Poole & The Trems used to model latest London fashions on the tv show, Ready Steady Go.


Brian Poole appeared in Royal Variety Performance 1986, A Royal Gala.


Nobody ever played or sung on Brian Poole & The Trems records but Brian Poole & Trems.


The Tremeloes produced and sung vocals on million selling hit ‘Yellow River’ for Christie, whose drummer was Michael Blakley, Alan’s brother.


A charity gig for the Tsumani appeal in January 2005, arranged by the Barron Knights, got Brian and the Tremeloes back together for the first time in over 40 years


A BIT OF TRIV AS DOCUMENTED IN MOJO MAGAZINE – Brian Poole & the Tremeloes were the first ever artistes to perform on the cult TV show Ready Steady Go. Even modelling the latest fashions on later shows, and performing on many RSG’s right until the last one. When they opened the first show with ‘Twist & Shout’, the audience who had been sitting at tables, all got up and danced – so Elkan Allan, the producer, swiftly changed the sit down format and showed everyone dancing the latest moves from then on.


For the Sunday Times Culture Magazine Brian was asked to submit three tracks which currently inspire him.

Here they are:

Alisha’s Attic: I am I Feel – the first big hit for my daughters, Karen & Shelly. When it came out, every HMV had a full size cut-out of my girls, seemed very weird

The Eagles: Desperado – ‘It may be rainin’, but there’s a rainbow above you’. This sums up my philosophy.

Red Sky July: White Feather – ‘If a white feather floats down you will be visited by some kind of angel’