A-Side B-Side Label Year
Twist Little Sister Lost Love DECCA F11455 1962
Blue That Ain’t Right DECCA F11515 1962
Meet Me Where We Used To Meet A Very Good Year For Girls DECCA F11567 1963
Twist And Shout We Know DECCA F11694 1963
Do You Love Me Why Can’t You Love Me DECCA F11739 1963
I Can Dance Are You Loving Me At All DECCA F11771 1963
Keep On Dancing Run Back Home DECCA F11816 1963
Candy Man I Wish I Could Dance DECCA F11823 1964
Someone, Someone Till The End Of Time DECCA F11893 1964
Twelve Steps To Love Don’t Cry DECCA F11951 1964
The Three Bells Tell Me How To Care DECCA F12037 1964
After a While You Know DECCA F12124 1965
I Want candy Love Me Baby DECCA F12197 1965
Good Lovin’ Could It Be You DECCA F12274 1965
Someone, Someone Michael Row The Boat Ashore DECCA FM7541 1972
Do You Love Me Someone, Someone DECCA F13815 1978
Do You Love Me DERAM 820 980-2 MONO 1990


Title Label Year
Just For Fun DECCA 1963
Big Hits Of ’62 ACE OF CLUBS, ACL 1146 1963
Have A Party With Brian Poole And The Tremeloes DECCA LK 4435 1963
Twist And Shout DECCA LK 4550 1964
It’s About Time DECCA LK 4685 1965
Remembering Brian Poole and the Tremeloes DECCA REM8 1977
Twist and Shout DECCA TAB 42 1982
Greatest Hits Autograph 1985
The Album BPCV 1985
The Souvenir Album SRT 1987


Title Label Year
Twenty Miles DECCA 1964
Brian Poole and the Tremeloes DECCA DFE 3586 1964
Time Is On My Side DECCA 1965
Brian Poole and the Tremeloes Vol 5 DECCA DFE 1860 1965
Brian Poole and the Tremeloes Hits DECCA F13693 1980


A-Side B-Side Label Year
Everything I Touch Turns To Tears I Need Her Tonight CBS 202349 1966
Hey Girl Please Be Mine DECCA F12402 1966
Just How Loud The Other Side Of The Sky CBS 3005 1967
That Reminds Me Baby Tomorrow Never Comes CBS 202661 1967
Send Her To Me – Brian Poole & The Seychelles Pretty In The City President PTF 239 1969
What Do Women Most Desire Treat Her Like A Woman President PT 264 1969
Satisfied – Brian Poole & Carousel Red Leather Pinnacle P8407 1975
Ain’t Nothing But A House Party – The Corporation 1988