Jim Marshall’s story is told in an authorised biography, Jim Marshall: The Father of Loud, by Rich Maloof (published by Backbeat Books), which features a forward written by guitar hero (and personal friend of Jim) Slash. The tale is a captivating one, broken down into two main parts. The first section traces Mr. Marshall’s story, from childhood as a young boy diagnosed with a rare bone disease, to his stage success as a crooner and big-band drummer, to the development of the inimitable Marshall stack and Marshall’s rise to prominence in the amplifier industry. It profiles a man dedicated to listening to his customers and inventing new ways of satisfying them, constantly improving and fine-tuning his designs and, from the beginning, a believer in the value of teamwork.

Brian Poole and the Tremeloes are well featured in this book as they were one of Jim’s first customers. Brian and Jim were incredibly close and the best of friends.